A level Admissions

You can fill out the admission form given below online or you are welcome to the campus to pick up the admission form .


This form must be filled in block letters.

Please bring the following documents at the time of interview.
1. 2 passport size photographs
2. Academic reports of last two years of schooling
3. Last report of send ups or mock examinations
4. CNIC of parents(photocopy)
5. O Level Result (Grade 10)
6. School leaving certificate from previous school
7. Character certificate from previous school
8. Any awards prizes or certificates for academic/activities
9. Copy of valid passport









The following information will be treated as highly confidential.

Please understand that in case of any emergency, we can help your child only if we are aware of the
problem be it physical or emotional.

*If there is anything that you would like to bring to the attention of the college authorities, a separate letter maybe included,

  • Place in A level for applicants from other schools shall be reserved upon payment of registration and security fee.
  • Fee at LACAS is charged on bi-monthly basis.
  • Fee bills are issued around the 20th-25th of the billing month and are sent to parents through students. It is the responsibility of the parents to inquire if they have not received the fee bill.
  • Late fee fines will be charged if dues are not cleared by the stipulated date. Not receiving the fee bill will not be considered as a reason for delayed payment.
  • Students who have not cleared the fee bill will not be allowed to attend college or sit for their examination.
  • The college authorities reserve the right to hold a students' progress reports, transcripts, examination entire, and other certificates if dues have not been cleared.
  • Students will remain liable for the full school fee up to the end of the current academic year even though the exams may conclude prior to the date (i.e. 30th June).
  • If a student is absent for college for more than 2 weeks without application he/she will be deemed to live left college and will have to undergo entire admission procedure in order to regain entry.
  • Security refund will be processed three months after the announcement of the A level result. Security refund must be claimed before the expiry of 6 months from the date of announcement of result.
  • All students who enter the A level Program agree to complete their A level from LACAS. If for any reason they leave prior to completion of A level, the Security refund shall stand forfeited.
  • Students who are expelled from LACAS will not be entitled to a security refund.
  • The fees and other charges are subject to annual increase.
  • Registration, admission and school Fee are non-refundable.
  • The Management reserves the right to revise the fee structure, school rules & regulations as and when required.


  • We hereby undertake that the above information is true,
  • If my child is accepted at LACAS A Level, we agree to abide by all school policies, rules and regulations.

Procedure for A Level admission for non-LACASIANS


Registration Fee: PKR. 3000
Admission Fee: Nil
Security deposit PKR. 30,000
Guidance counselors Guidance counselors will be available from Monday 6th June 2022. They will help you with subject selection and have initial conversations about future plans. Students can set an appointment by sending an email to the following:
For Johar Town campus;
[email protected]
For Burki campus;
[email protected]
Orientation/Regular classes Regular class for A1 will commence on Tuesday 09 August 2022. We encourage all students to attend as many of these classes as possible, before finalizing their subject choices.
Students must have opted for at least 3 A level subjects.
Debates /MUN Debates and MUN classes will be held and schedules will be shared with students.
SAT SAT preparation for university admissions will be held and schedules classes will be shared.


Please ensure that the A Level form is submitted as soon as possible. As you are aware scholarships are awarded on a first come first serve basis. As soon as you send the forms the A level branch will contact you individually with regards to your application process. In the meanwhile we request you all to carefully read the Rules and Regulations of the LACAS A level programme.


For further information, call on either of the following numbers:

For Burki 03351116593
For Johar Town 03351110810