A Level

While restrictions and regulations are necessary, it is the expectation of the College authorities that each student will himself/herself come to realize the value of self-control and discipline. Admission at the College implies agreement on the part of the student to accept and willingly observe reasonable standards of accountability, appearance, good conduct and a generally mature level of behaviour, which is necessary in a co-educational environment.

These rules and regulations shall have retrospective effect and shall apply to all students studying at the Lahore College of Arts & Sciences irrespective of the year of admission.

Contravention of college rules will render the defaulter liable to disciplinary actions as per the level of offence.

The College reserves the right to interpret the rules in case of any ambiguity arising in the said rules. It is the responsibility of all students and parents to read and comply with the rules and regulations of the College.

      • All students commencing the A Level program for any academic session must have at least 3 full credit subjects in accordance with the college policy.
      • Students may be allowed to drop a subject in First term of their first academic session.
      • To facilitate students in making the right choice, the Admin will have meetings with the students personally during the first two weeks of college.
      • The subjects will be finalized after careful consideration and a detailed discussion with the students and in accordance with the availability in the time table.
      • The final subject choice will be communicated to parents and an acknowledgement will be received.
      • Students taking the following subjects must know that they cannot be registered privately as all these subjects are project based. So their efforts in keeping up with the LACAS standard of academic performance and discipline must be ensured from the beginning of the term including meeting project submission deadlines, timely submission of assignments and appearing for all internal examinations.
        • Art and Design
        • Media Studies
      • If less than eight students opt for a particular subject, the college reserves the right to withdraw that subject option.
      • The first academic session shall consist of two terms having a number of assessments as explained below:
        Continuous October 15% Continuous Assessment Report
        November 15%
        Mid-Year December 70% Consolidated

        Mid Term Report

        Total 100%
        Continuous February 10% Continuous Assessment Report
        March 10%
        April 10%
        Promotional Exam May/June 70% Final Examination Report
        Total 100%
      • The second academic session shall consist of two terms having a number of assessments as explained below:
        Continuous October 15% Continuous Assessment Report
        November 15%
        Mid-Year December 70% Consolidated

        Mid Term Report

        Total 100%
        February Test February Monthly Test Report
        MOCK Exam March/April MOCK Examination Report
      • All reports are couriered/or handed in at P.T.M.
      • Assignments handed in late will not be accepted and in addition students will be given a detention.
      • All examinations and assessments will be held on the dates and times announced. No extension/changes will be granted under any circumstances in the time assigned for a given assignment/test and/or examination.
      • Attendance in all informed tests and internal examinations is compulsory and there is no provision of re-tests.
      • There will be one Parent Teacher Meeting every term for which parents’ attendance is mandatory.
      • Exercising objectionable conduct and use of unfair means during an examination on the part of a student shall render that student liable to punishment to the extent of expulsion from the college.
      • Appearing in Continuous Assessments, Mid Term Exam, and Promotional exams is mandatory.
      • Students who do not meet the requisite academic standard will not be allowed to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
      • Every student is expected to apply himself/herself to his/her studies to the best of his/her ability and to fulfill the academic requirements of the college and the college reserves the right to register students as LACAS candidates for Cambridge Assessment International Education.
      • Students are expected to comply with the internal as well as the external deadlines for portfolio submission in the following
        • Art & Design
        • Media Studies
      • Also it’s worthy to note that for these subjects Cambridge does not accept private registration.
      • To be registered as a LACAS A Level student for Cambridge Examination, students must achieve a minimum of 3C in their 2nd Mid-Year Exam.
      • A Level students; failing to show required level of academic achievement and attendance will not be registered through LACAS.
      • All LACAS candidates going to the CAIE venue will be expected to follow the instructions of the college and CAIE given to them at the time of handing over of the Statement of Entry.
      • General Policy for Portfolios
        • The following subjects require submission of portfolios to Cambridge prior to the commencement of the Cambridge Examination.
          • Art & Design
          • Media Studies
        • In case a student fails to meet deadlines the college will not be responsible to send these portfolios to CAIE.
        • The college also reserves the right to take any action deemed necessary in this regard.
        • All students shall be billed for their portfolio preparation in the fee challan.
      • Art Portfolio/Paintings
        • All paintings shall be photographed by the college and students shall be charged in their last fee challan upon the portfolios return from Cambridge.
        • Each student shall be presented with a CD of their photographed work at the time of portfolio collection.
        • One painting by each student shall be retained by the college after it has been returned by CAIE. This painting will be chosen at the discretion of the Art Teacher and Principal.
        • This painting will then be college property and LACAS reserves the right to display or gift the painting.
        • Students will be contacted by the Front Office for handing over of the chosen paintings upon intimation by the Art teacher.
        • Any subsequent paintings that the college wishes to keep may be purchased from or gifted by the student. This will be upon mutual understanding and consent and the student reserves the right to refuse.
        • Students must collect all the work produced during their course in a month of intimation from the college.
        • The college shall not be responsible for any work collected after this time.
        • The college may have an Art Exhibition and reserves the right to display all the paintings before they are handed over to the students.
      • General Rules for I.T Lab, Library & Science Lab
        • The I.T Lab, Library & Science Lab is for LACAS students, staff and faculty ONLY and the college reserves the right of entry for all outsiders.
        • No Food or Drink is allowed in the I.T Lab, Library or Science Lab.
        • All students must observe silence and/or keep sound level to a minimum.
        • There will be no tolerance for inappropriate or disruptive behavior.
        • Respect others and give consideration to those who are working.
        • Ensure safe keeping of all resources and furniture.
        • After usage of Library or Labs the furniture must be rearranged in its original order.
        • Students must ensure to take their personal belongings when leaving the Library, I.T and Science Labs as college will not be responsible for any loss or theft.
        • Any loss of college equipment/resources provided in the Library, I.T and Science Labs will be considered as vandalism and the student/students will be charged as per policy.
      • I.T Lab Policy
        • Do not connect your laptop with the wireless/wired network.
        • Do not install or download any software or modify or delete any system files on any lab computers.
        • Printing is allowed only after approval for college related documents.
        • Multimedia equipment is for college use only. Students are not allowed to use it for playing music and/or for any other recreational activities.
        • Do not read or modify other users’ files.
        • Movement of the lab equipment is not allowed. Do not damage, remove, or disconnect any labels, parts, cables, or equipment.
      • Library Policy
        • The library should be used for reading, research and homework.
        • Students can borrow two books at a time for a period of two weeks and the issuance can be renewed for the extended period.
        • Books, magazines and other resources removed from the shelves, must be returned to their respective shelves after reading.
        • Students are strictly prohibited from indulging in table/board games in the library.
        • All subjects’ related notes and other academic documents are photocopied through the library and will be charged in the fee challan.
      • Science Lab Policy
        • All students using science lab must follow the procedure and safety rules displayed in the lab.
        • All students must wear lab coats for Chemistry & Biology practicals. Students will not be allowed to enter the lab without the lab coat.
        • All students must use safety goggles and gloves (provided by the lab).
        • Letter of undertaking for all science students must be signed and returned to the front office for filing in students’ personal files.
      • The Guidance Office at LACAS facilitates students to pursue higher studies in Pakistan and abroad. The department is open to all LACAS A Level students on a walk in basis. Students will be assisted on how to apply to colleges and how to complete their college applications.
      • The Guidance Office will provide the following facilities to the students of LACAS:
        • On campus SAT classes
        • Information regarding the application process of various universities in and outside of Pakistan
        • Access to various internship programs
        • Transcripts
        • Recommendation letters from faculty and the Guidance Office
        • Support students to fine tune their college essays and build their resumes
      • A full-time Guidance Officer is available Monday- Saturday from 9:00- 4:00 to help students ascertain where they want to go for college.
      • A two day notice should be given to the Guidance Officer if any official document including letters and/or any other related document is required.
      • Students interested in availing SAT prep classes on campus must register with the Guidance Officer within the given deadlines.
      • Students who intern through personal contacts need to inform the Guidance Officer and submit supporting documents; otherwise it will not be endorsed by the college.
      • It is the student’s responsibility to regularly check the guidance office bulletin board for news, deadlines of applications and internships and follow up with the Guidance Officer.
      • Late submission of assignments, repeatedly disturbing a class or attending a class without books or stationary will lead to disciplinary actions like detentions or a warning letter from college authorities.
      • Students arriving late for classes shall not be permitted to enter after 5 minutes of the bell and it will be marked as a bunk.
      • Students entering college at a time after his / her class has ended and/or a student leaving the college before attending his / her last class will be considered as bunking.
      • Students will be issued slips for bunking. If there are extenuating circumstances, it is the responsibility of the student to get the slip canceled by the relevant teacher within one day of issuance otherwise they will be liable to the necessary disciplinary action.
      • Warning letter, suspensions and withdrawal of flexible timing will be the consequences of bunks and late coming to classes.
      • Merit Scholarships are offered to students with outstanding academic achievement in the CAIE O level exams as per the following criteria.
        • 8 A’s or A* 100%
        • 7 A’s or A* 75%
        • 6 A’s or A* 50%
        • 5 A’s or A* 25%
      • Co-curricular Scholarships are offered to the student upon continuous achievement in National and International Sports, debates and other co-curricular.
    9. TIMING
      • Flexible timing for A Level students implies that last reporting time for students to enter college is 11:00 a.m. from Monday to Thursday and 10:45 a.m. on Friday.
      • Once in college students may leave the college premises at the earliest by 11:45 a.m. from Monday –Thursday and at 11:00 a.m. on Friday if they have no other class after this time.
      • If a student is late for college, he/she will be sent back.
      • Students are not allowed to re-enter college premises once they have left during college hours.
      • Students should be picked up from college by 11:45 or right after their last class in the second half whichever is applicable. Admin staff will not be available on college premises after 3:30 p.m.
      • For all scheduled and make up classes on Saturday, students may come before the class starts.
      • Scheduled classes on Saturday will be held as per timetable.
      • For update on special/make up classes scheduled by teachers for Saturday students will regularly have to refer to the bulletin boards of the college.
        Arrival Timing for Students
        Reporting Time for
        Monday – Thursday
        Reporting Time for Friday
        First Lesson
        07:55 a.m.
        07:55 a.m.
        Second Lesson
        09:00 a.m.
        08:55 a.m.
        Third Lesson
        10:05 a.m.
         09:55 a.m.
        Last Reporting Time
        11:00 a.m.
         10:45 a.m.
        Dispersal Timing for Students
        Dispersal Time
        At earliest by
        11:45 a.m.
        At earliest by
        11:00 a.m.
        End of Fourth Lesson
        12:50 p.m.
        12:00 noon
        End of Fifth Lesson
        01:55 p.m.
        01:00 p.m.
        End of Sixth Lesson
        3:00 p.m.
      • It is mandatory for all students to sign in and out every day through electronic hand scan otherwise they will be marked absent.
      • It is mandatory for all students to maintain 90% attendance for the academic year.
      • Letter for students with frequent absents will be issued fortnightly.
      • In case a student does not have any class on a particular day he/she must submit an application signed by the parents in order to be excused for that day.
      • All applications pertaining to leaves and absences should be addressed to the headmistress/headmaster and these should be submitted in the front office.
      • If the application is approved it will then be considered as a leave.
      • All unapproved absences will be fined as per the college policy.
      • Fine for an unapproved absence will be Rs. 200/- for every occurrence.
      • Students can avail leave in the following categories upon approval from the college:
        • Causal Leave
        • Medical Leave
        • Long Leave
        • Short Leave
      • It is the students’ responsibility to find out from the front office whether an application has been approved.
      • Casual leave can be availed for a maximum of 2 days only and an application must be submitted within 2 days of availing this leave.
      • For medical leave exceeding 2 days a medical certificate (MC) must be attached.
      • For long leave exceeding 2 days a prior approval must be taken and all supportive documents must be attached to the leave.
      • For short leave i.e. for coming late or leaving early from must be filled & submitted on the same day for approval. Otherwise it will be marked as a bunk.
      • For short leaves availed by students on account of late arrival, they can only enter an ongoing class upon approval from the respective teacher. However; the student will not be marked a bunk for the class missed if he/she has informed the front office in time. Front Office contact # 042-35172280/35172282.
      • In-case if an assignment/project is due on the day the late arrival is availed then the student must submit the assignment in the front office upon arrival in college.
      • Incase if there is a test on the day the late arrival is availed, it will again be the discretion of the teacher how he/she marks the students.
      • Short leave applications coming later than the day availed will not be approved.
      • Short leaves exceeding 2 in a month will not be approved.
      • Students will not be allowed short leave on Monday and Wednesday on account of compulsory assembly.
      • Students absent for any day must check college bulletin boards for announcements.
      • Students on approved leaves during continuous monthly assessment will be given an average since there is no policy for retest.
      • Leave during Send-Up, MOCK or Promotional examination is not allowed unless there is evidence of extenuating circumstances and such unapproved absence will lead to a fine of Rs. 5000/-
      • It is also important to note that 90% attendance is a perquisite for registration as LACAS Candidate for Cambridge International Examination. Parents are therefore requested to monitor their childs’ leaves and absences to avoid any such loss of benefit.
    1. FEE
      • Fee at LACAS is charged on a bi-monthly basis.
      • Fee bills are issued around the 20th – 25th of the billing month and are sent to parents through the students. It is the responsibility of the parents to inquire if they have not received the fee bills.
      • Late fee fines will be charged if dues are not cleared by the stipulated date. Not receiving the fee bills will not be considered as a reason for delayed payment.
      • School Fee for any academic year is split over 12 months. The school shall have the right to charge fee for 12 months during any academic year.
      • Students who have not cleared their fee bills for the entire academic session (including bills for the month of June) will not be allowed to attend college, sit for examinations and/or receive their Statement of Entry or their passwords for CAIE result.
      • The college authorities reserve the right to hold a student’s progress reports, transcripts, examination entries recommendation letters and other certificates if dues have not been cleared.
      • LACAS reserves the right to strike-off the name of the student from school rolls in case school fee is not cleared.
      • If a student is absent from college for a period of more than two weeks without application, he/she will be deemed to have left college and will have to undergo the entire admission procedure in order to regain entry.
      • Security refund will be processed two months after the announcement of the A Level result. Security Refund must be claimed before the expiry of 6 months from the date of announcement of the result (Oct – Feb)
      • All students who enter the A Level program agree to complete their A Level examinations from LACAS. If for any reason they leave prior to completion of A Level, the security shall stand forfeited and no college leaving certificate and/or college transcript will be released.
      • Students who are expelled from LACAS will not be entitled to a security refund which shall stand forfeited upon expulsion.
      • Students will have to pay fines that are due on account of:
        • Unapproved absences from college
        • Missing Send-Up or MOCK Examination
        • Inappropriate uniform and grooming
        • Vandalism
        • Carrying/using mobile phones in academic block
      • Charges for the following will also be added in the college fee.
        • Welcome, Farewell and Sports Day
        • Photocopy of books, work sheets and past papers
        • College Magazine
        • Photographs
      • Charges for following will be paid by students in cash to the requisite college department/staff.
          • For inter college event registration (A Level Event Coordinator)
          • Trips for inter college events (A Level Coordinator)
          • International Trips (A Level Coordinator)
          • Charity (A Level Coordinator)
      • This fee Policy is subject to change from time to time by LACAS and any changes will be binding once posted on the website of LACAS.
      • Uniform requirements for boys and girls will be given to each student at the time of admission in college.
      • Students must wear standard college uniform available at designated outlets.
      • In addition, all students must be well groomed as per the given specifications:
      • Uniform/grooming check shall be carried out at the gate daily from 7:30am till 11:15am.
      • Names of students entering college in improper uniform/grooming will be noted by the uniform committee members. These students will be fined and/or send back home as per the discretion of the uniform and grooming incharge.
      • Fine for improper uniform/grooming will be Rs. 200/- on every occurrence.
      • A warning or suspension letter may also be issued for repeated noncompliance.
      • If a student wants to leave college to fix his/her uniform/grooming issue and then return to attend the rest of his/her classes than he/she can avail a short leave as per policy.
      • All applications related to uniform/grooming must be submitted at the front office, addressed to the headmistress/headmaster, for approval.
        Off-white Kameez. Off-white shirt with LACAS Logo.
        Black Trouser. Black Trouser (Formal only. Jeans or fitted cotton pants are not allowed).
        Black with off-white trim scarf (Compulsory). Black Belt.
        Headscarves, if worn, should be black only. Tie (Compulsory).
        Plain black school shoes or pumps (no heels)

        Sneakers for games only. (Must be changed after games).

        Plain black school shoes.

        Sneakers for games only. (Must be changed after games).

        White or black socks. White or black socks.
        V-neck black sleeveless sweater (winter uniform). V-neck black sleeveless sweater (winter uniform).
        Black blazer with LACAS Logo (winter uniform). Black blazer with LACAS Logo (winter uniform).
        No makeup or jewelry is allowed.

        Hair should be neatly tied.

        1.      Haircut above the ears & neck. Front hair must not reach the eyes.

        2.      Clean Shave (Boys must submit an application to get approval if they wish to keep beard due to religious reasons).

        3.      No body piercing.

      • Students who do not meet the required academic standards of performance and discipline will not be allowed to participate in and outside college events.
      • Students must be picked up on time from college and other event venues. On repeated late picking up, students will not be allowed to participate in events and activities.
      • Female chaperon (custodian) will only be available for 15 minutes after the ending time of any after college activity. (Not valid for outside college events)
      • For participation in outside college events, individual registration fee shall be paid by the students and team registration will be paid by the college.
      • Payments made to the college for events will be paid in cash & are non-refundable after given deadline.
      • Students signing up for international or out station events should finalize their decision within the first week of the invite along with the submission of all required documents and fee.
      • College may provide transport for students during events depending upon availability and prior approval.
    4. SPORTS
      • No inter college sports event shall be scheduled during college hours.
      • Prior permission from the principal and an approval on the proposal letter will be required to schedule matches on college premises.
      • The permission letter shall be signed by the sports incharge and the A Level coordinator.
      • A list of participating students and event timings must be given to the A Level coordinator prior to the event.
      • For sports events taking place during college hours, no student is allowed to miss any class.
      • Students are strictly prohibited to enter college academic block in sports uniform.
      • Maintaining discipline during sports activities is the responsibility of sports incharge and college rules pertaining to these should strictly be followed.
      • If LACAS is participating in an outside college event, all details of the event should be provided to the principal. (Date, time, venue, transportation, budget, duties) by the sports incharge and the A Level Coordinator.
      • Students should note that as members of the college community; they represent and are identified with the college. Any conduct or involvement in activities which the college believes affects its institutional profile, is liable to disciplinary action.
      • If any parent or student misbehaves with any teacher, principal or staff member of LACAS, the School reserves the right to immediately expel the student.
      • Fines, warning letters or suspensions may be issued on vandalism, smoking, physical fights, use of foul language and carrying or use of cell phones in the academic block. (which may also be confiscated)
      • Misbehavior with faculty, custodians or staff and bullying or harassment with any fellow student theft/misappropriation of college property and use of unfair means during examination will lead to a severe disciplinary action, as decided by the discipline committee.
      • Possession and/or use of drugs, weapons, alcohol and involvement in physical fighting, inside or outside the college, is liable for immediate expulsion.
      • Any student who witnesses such possession/use and does not inform college authorities will be considered an accomplice and will be subject to disciplinary action.
      • Any student against whom credible information is received by the college from any source, that he/she uses drugs or alcohol or possesses an unlawful weapon or carries a weapon whether lawful or unlawful on the college premises shall be liable to immediate expulsion from the college, by the Disciplinary Committee constituted for the said purpose.
      • The findings of the Disciplinary Committee shall be final and binding on the students.
      • The Committee shall not be obliged to disclose its source of information and may require any student to undergo any tests as it may deem fit under medical supervision in order to arrive at its findings. Refusal to undergo any tests which may be required by the Disciplinary Committee shall be considered as admission of guilt.
      • Any student who may have any information or knowledge about the involvement of any other student in the matters mentioned above may be summoned by the Committee to furnish such information to it. Concealment, failure or refusal to provide such information may lead to expulsion from the college provided that such failure, refusal or concealment is, in the opinion of the Disciplinary Committee, intentional and meant to protect the student being investigated.
      • Political activity is strictly prohibited in the college. Those who violate the rule will render themselves liable for immediate expulsion.
      • Any student found guilty of indiscipline, misconduct or misbehavior or found disturbing the atmosphere and smooth running of the college shall be liable for disciplinary action which may constitute, warning letter, fine, suspension and / or expulsion depending on the severity of the offence.
      • Three suspensions will lead to an expulsion.
      • Students who do not have a driving license are not allowed to drive to college.
      • Students who have a license and are permitted by their parents to drive to college are not allowed to park in the parking area reserved for admin and faculty.
      • No poster, banners, handbills, pamphlets shall be displayed or distributed in the college premises without permission of the college authorities.
      • No student body/association/society shall exist or function in the college without permission of the college authorities.
      • No student shall be allowed to undertake any work/employment during the course of his studies at the college without prior approval of the college authorities.
      • No outsider shall enter the college or address students of the college except on the invitation of the college authorities.
      • Students will purchase their own equipment and material required for course work.
      • The college authorities shall not be held responsible for the safe custody of the private property of students.
      • Students are allowed to use mobile phones only on the campus grounds. There will be a fine of Rs. 1500/- if they are found using the mobile phone anywhere else on college premises.
      • Students are strictly prohibited to use their mobile phones for taking photograph or making movies on college premises. If students are found indulging in such activity their mobile phones will be confiscated.
      • Students shall make good, to the satisfaction of the college authorities, any damage or loss that they may cause to the property of the college. All students will be fined an equal amount decided by the discipline committee, in case the responsible party is not identified.
      • Littering may lead to a fine depending upon the level of offence.
      • Any other act that may endanger the life or property of others or an act deemed to be inappropriate by the College Authorities/Disciplinary Committee shall lead to suspension or expulsion.

      LACAS has flexible timing for its A Level students, which are subject to the college timetable. We therefore request parents to please ensure that they are aware of the college timings for their child. If you have any query in this regard do not hesitate to contact the college office.

      • Students using personal transport:
        • As per LACAS policy female students may only leave college premises in their own cars or college vans. Exception to this rule can be made if the parent personally informs the college office allowing a female student to leave college in any other manner.
        • We urge you to please ensure that students do not drive to college. Parents must take serious note of this matter and speak to their children and drivers. The college rules do not permit students to drive and park on or around the college premises (This applies to cars and motor cycles).
        • We would appreciate your co-operation in this matter and would be happy to answer any queries that you may have in this regard.