LACAS Integration of Technology in Education (LITE)

Technology is an integral part of the life of every 21st century child. To cater to the differing learning styles and abilities of our students, the organization aspires to use technology across the curriculum to provide global learning experiences that extend beyond the walls of the classroom.

We aim to produce technologically skilled, lifelong learners who are prepared to successfully thrive in today’s highly competitive, global society. The staff are empowered to make informed decisions, with state-of-the-art resources and equipment, so that students’ potential is capitalized effectively through the meaningful integration of modern technologies.

Academic Year

The academic year at LACAS is divided into two terms .Students are assessed on a regular basis .This includes continuous assessments and examinations. Continuous assessments are based on class assignments, projects, quizzes and presentations during the course of the year .Examinations are conducted at the end of each academic term.

O Level and A Level

Upon successful completion of Grade VIII, students will transfer to the O Level Programme .Parents and students are given all necessary guidance to help them make an informed decision about O Level subject options at this critical stage of the students’ academic career.

The students take Cambridge International Examinations for two compulsory subjects (Pakistan Studies and Islamiyat ) at the end Grade X.

Admission to A Level is determined on individual merit, the criteria being the applicants’ O Level result, past academic performance and previous disciplinary record. All applicants are interviewed by the admission panel .The A Level programme at LACAS offers a wide variety of subjects which enable our students to enter top national and international universities.

  • The Guidance Office Informs Students about Internships, Community Service and Opportunities for Paid & Voluntary Work.


The following languages are offered in order to broaden the horizons of our students to become global citizens.

  • French
  • German

Our Mission

“To ensure each child reaches his or her full potential, to foster self-confidence and integrity, to accept individuality and celebrate diversity, to promote independent thinking and encourage life-long learning.”