This year saw the inauguration of the very first Science event organized by LACAS A-Level.. Pioneered by the Science Society President Hamza Ather, and the Media and Publications President Sadeem Sajid, Ad-Infinitum came into existence via the unending dedication of the student body to have an event which would rekindle scientific rigour and innovation. Laying deep emphasis on the Islamic heritage of Science, the philosophy behind this event was rooted in a desire to cultivate a culture of scientific curiosity and inquiry.

The event itself was held in February 2021, and despite being virtual, was a huge success due to the sheer passion driving its different components.

Lacasmun Chapter II

During the final days of October 2020, the A-Level campus held the second edition of the much coveted LACAS-MUN. Spearheaded by the Executive Council, this e-MUN was made a stellar success through the hard-work and unity shown by the directors; ranging from the Registrations team which ensured that a staggering 45 delegations took part in the event. The theme for the second edition was “Freedom”, and the term was quite poetic considering the circumstances within which the event was held; not just the plague which physically restricted us from our normal lives, but also the larger global turn towards authoritarianism and the stifling of narratives which do not reinforce the dominant ones. As the second chapter of LACAS-MUN came to an end, one thing remained certain: the event was only just adjourned, and a third chapter will definitely be on its way in 2021.

Power Up

The first edition of Power Up by LACAS Burki A Level was an intense, action- packed affair with amazing sportsmanship shown by the participants and stellar execution of the event by the management.