CAD (Creative Arts Department)

The Creative Arts Department works with a vision of putting creativity and the arts at the heart of children’s learning, with an aim to empower students to develop, implement and enhance their creative abilities. The department initiates programs and activities for all grade levels that empower children and young people to be involved in creative activity throughout their school life. This aids to stimulate additional ways of working that reinforce students learning, development and well-being as well as complimenting textbook learning.

CAD also strives to keep up the legacy of LACAS as a pioneer in promoting liberal arts, and contributing to the “World of Arts” in our country. Mega performing arts events are organized every year, with an aim to cultivate young children s artistic talent in all genres of Art; Theatre, Music, Dance and Drama, and create an ambiance where real art is demonstrated in its purest forms.

All these co-curricular activities whether embedded in the curriculum or done at inter school level, play a very significant role in nurturing the creative potential of every LACAS student.