Director’s Note

LACAS is an institution for making dreams come true; letting students envision the future they want, and helping them achieve it. Our staff and teachers are dedicated not only to motivating students to get the best possible grades but to helping them become their best possible selves. There are myriad opportunities to get involved in extra-curricular projects, and peer support networks allow students to flourish academically and socially. LACAS has produced business owners, fashion designers, scientists, musicians, human rights activists, and lawyers. .

LACAS’s ethos is to instill in each child an understanding of their own potential. All skills are valued and carefully fostered, whether in the classroom, the music room, the sports field, the theater, or the debate club. LACAS hones student-led approaches and encourages students to participate actively in proposing and organizing events or activities. Our alumni have been accepted to Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and many more nationally and internationally renowned universities.

As the Director of LACAS, the true marker of success for me is LACAS’s very strong links with our network of alumni. Our students want to return and stay engaged after they leave, because this isn't simply a school; it's a community. LACAS is a space that all of our students are encouraged to own, and one that we are continually working to establish and improve. It is an environment that belongs to all of us, and each student is valued for their unique qualities. We hope this provides you with some insights into our institution. We invite you to come in, and take a look.

Zainab Qureshi

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