Early Years Programme

A Brighter Future within Reach

The REACH Programme is a three-year programme aimed to deliver high-quality, developmentally appropriate education. It strives to develop independent thinkers and lifelong learners equipped with the skill set crucial to their success in the coming years. Our curriculum allows children to take responsibility, make decisions, learn through play, develop self-worth and ignite their creativity.

The Curriculum

The curriculum amalgamates the British EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) framework, the Cambridge Primary curriculum, and the Reggio Emilia experiential learning approach. The Reach curriculum encourages children to think independently and develop their own ideas and set goals. It challenges them to question and think about possibilities for the future.

Technology Integration

Technology is an integral part of the life for every 21st-century child.  To cater to the different learning styles and develop the abilities of our students, LACAS deploys state-of-the-art technology to enhance the curriculum and provides global learning experiences that extend beyond the walls of the classroom.

LEP (LACAS Enhancement Programme)

Research shows that the best learning occurs when learners construct their own knowledge, when they have ownership of their own learning and when content is contextual, relevant, and applicable. The LACAS Enhancement Programme (LEP) is a transdisciplinary programme that offers students the chance to explore themes of global significance through the lens of stand-alone subjects. It encourages them to construct meaningful knowledge through an inquiry-based curriculum, leading them toward asking questions and finding answers through research, dialogue, exposition, and debate. The programme is designed to awaken the attributes of curiosity, reflection, and appreciation in the minds of young learners. They acquire the attitudes of respect, innovation, and tolerance through engaging in meaningful, and relevant learning while keeping in mind the 21st-century skills of critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication, leadership, and flexibility. The LEP is complemented by an ICT programme, where students use a variety of ICT skills to research and collate information. In the LEP, we believe in making learning fun and exciting for both students and teachers.

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Our team of experts work together to ensure that the curriculum remains comprehensive with engaging, creative, and age-appropriate content and teaching practices that keep the child’s academic journey successful.

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