College and Career Counselling

The Guidance and Career Counseling Department at LACAS provides information and assistance to all LACAS students from subject selection in the O Level and A Level, to university placements. The counseling office conducts individual as well as group sessions with students. These sessions facilitate them with their university choices, inform them about available scholarships and aid them with university applications for both foreign and local universities. The Annual College fair is held every year at the A Level campuses where universities from all across the globe participate. University representatives visit the campuses, guide the students and provide them further insight into their preferred colleges.

The counseling department also conducts seminars where local and international colleges visit the A Level campuses and give detailed talks on the admission processes and the requirements. The main aim of the Guidance Department is to set a road map to help achieve student get to the university of their choice aligned with their academic profile, budget and future plans.

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Scholarships at A Level

  • 3 A’s 25%
  • 4A’s 50%
  • 5 A’s 75%
  • 6 A’s 100%
  • 4A’s 25%
  • 5 A’s 50%
  • 6 A’s 75%
  • 7 A’s 100%

Subjects Offered

Sr# Subject
1 Accounting
2 Art & Design
3 Biology
4 Business
5 Chemistry
6 Computer Science
7 Economics
8 Further Mathematics
9 History
10 Law
11 Literature In English
12 Mathematics
13 Media Studies
14 Physics
15 Global Perspectives And Research
16 Psychology
17 Sociology
18 Urdu
19 Digital Media & Design