Enrichment Program

Peer Mentorship has always been an integral aspect of any successful educational program.

LACAS A Level formulated a Peer Helpline in order to lend incoming students an insight into the most critical stage of their academic career; the A Level.

To give a real-time insight into the A Level program, a group of Peer Mentor volunteers form A Level were selected who designed a vast array of activities and invited the O Level students to their campus.

These visits achieved a very important aspect; that of cultivating a strong bond between the incoming O Level students with their seniors at the A Level. The connection was further enhanced through regular WhatsApp conversations between the Mentors and their juniors, where the Mentors guided the Mentees with utmost dedication regarding all aspects of the A Level program, from ambiguities about subject selection to ‘what is the cafeteria like’ – no stone was left unturned.

Campus tours provided a first-hand look into, and a degree of experience about the working of A level. Additionally, students gained a clearer understanding about the Co-curricular activities and the A Level society, which become the channel through which students can polish their talents and strengthen their profile for their college applications.

The Peer Mentors also arranged one on one meetings with the Guidance Counsellors, who provided all necessary guidance for the next big step in their academic’s career path.

The Mentors also gifted interesting souvenirs to the O Level kids as a warm welcoming gesture.

The Peer Helpline initiative continues with the Mentors getting feedback forms, follow up social media activities and constant connection with their O Level groups through keeping the Peer Helplines open.

Peer Mentorship Program reiterated the LACAS ethos of empowering our students and building strong bonds within the LACAS Family.