Grades VIII-XI


It is mandatory for students to maintain an eighty-five percent (85%) attendance in an academic year; however, we aim for 100% attendance of our students.

Late arrivals

The School gate closes at the stipulated time given by the different branches of LACAS. All students are expected to reach school at least 10 minutes before this time. Students coming late will be issued warning slips for every 3 late comings and charged Rs.100 per day for each late arrival. In case the child comes late for the 4th time he/she will not be allowed to enter the school gate and will have to go back home.


Leave application must be submitted within two days of the leave, otherwise the student will be marked absent. A medical certificate is also necessary in case of a sick leave.

Security Refund

In case an O Level student withdraws in the middle of the session he will not be eligible to claim his security refund.

O Level Cambridge Exams

No private sitting in any subject will be allowed before time

Items not allowed

Students are not allowed to bring any electronic gadgets / as cameras/ video cameras/ IPod / IPad to school. Further cell phones are strictly forbidden and will be confiscated. A fine of Rs. 2500/- will also be imposed for violating the school rules.


Students are not allowed to drive cars / motorbikes to or from school.

Discipline/Warning rules

  • Discipline slips/Warning letters are issued for:
    • misbehavior in school
    • academic slackness
    • wearing improper uniform / haircut / bracelets/ bands accessories.
    • any other indiscipline determined by the school authorities
  • Three discipline slips will result in suspension for one day. The following day, the student must return to school accompanied by his/her parents. In certain circumstances the school may also issue a suspension without an absence.
  • Three suspensions results in automatic expulsion from school.


Please make sure that your child comes to school in proper uniform and looks neat and tidy. Boys should have a short haircut (short back, front & sides).Students must have trimmed nails and shoes must be polished. Slips will be issued for any one in wrong uniform. After three slips, a fine of Rs.100/- will be charged every time a student gets a slip.

Students who wear a headscarf must wear a plain white scarf or duppatta.

Note: The discipline slips will be carried forward to the next Grade Levels. One cycle will start from Grade IV and end in VII. The next cycle will begin from Grade VIII to Grade XI.

Fee policy

  • Fee at LACAS is charged on a bi-monthly basis. Save for the summer months where they are charged monthly.
  • Fee bills are usually issued around the 20th – 25th of the billing month and are sent to parents through the students. It is the responsibility of the parents to inquire if they have not received the fee bills.
  • Late fee fines will be charged if dues are not cleared by the stipulated date.
  • If the dues remain unpaid for 20 days from the due date LACAS will issue letters stopping children from attending school. If the dues remain unpaid for 30 days from the due date of the fee bill LACAS reserves the right to remove the name of the student from the school rolls.
  • If a student leaves LACAS, at least one month’s advance notice should be given in writing or one month’s fee should be deposited with the school.
  • If a student leaves LACAS without one month’s advance written notice or one month’s fee deposited, no school leaving certificate and / or transcript will be released. All outstanding dues will be adjusted against the security deposit of students.
  • If any student is appearing in final exams and wants to leave the school after the exams, he / she will be required to pay all outstanding fees including the fee for the month of June.

Communication and SMS Service

The school uses SMS’s, notices and letters to communicate with parents. Notices/Permission letters for events/trips are only valid if signed by the authorised school administration.


  • Students should note that as members of the school; they represent and are identified with the institution. Any conduct or involvement in activities which brings disrepute to the school, is liable to disciplinary action.
  • Fines, warning letters or suspensions may be issued on vandalism, smoking, physical fights, use of foul language and carrying or use of cell phones in the academic block. (which may also be confiscated)
  • Misbehavior with faculty, custodians or staff and bullying or harassment with any fellow students, theft/misappropriation of school property and use of unfair means during examination will lead to a severe disciplinary action, as decided by the discipline committee.
  • Possession and/or use of drugs, alcohol and involvement in physical fighting, inside or outside the college, is liable for immediate expulsion.
  • Any student who witnesses such possession/use and does not inform the school authorities will be considered an accomplice and will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Political activity is strictly prohibited in school. Those who violate the rule will render themselves liable for immediate expulsion.
  • Three suspensions will lead to an expulsion.
  • No poster, banners, handbills, pamphlets shall be displayed or distributed in the school premises without permission of the school authorities.
  • No student body/association/society shall exist or function in or outside school without permission of the school authorities.
  • Littering may lead to a fine depending upon the level of offence.


Students are not allowed to drive or ride a motorbike to school. This is against the school rules. Parents must ensure that the students do not violate these rules as the onus and responsibility of this vests in the Parents.


If any parent or student misbehaves with any teacher, principal or staff member of LACAS or brings the name of LACAS into disrepute, the school reserves the right to immediately expel their children.

Appointments / Meetings

Meetings will be set up from Monday – Thursday by the Front Offices. It is mandatory to bring the CNIC and submit it at the gate. Kindly cooperate with our staff for the security check. Timings for the meetings will be 9:00 am – 12:00 noon.