About us

LACAS was established in 1987. Classes began in January 1988. Within three months, LACAS was referred to in the national daily Dawn as “a center of (educational) excellence”.

Since its inception, LACAS has more than justified this praise. It was the first co-educational institution to offer A Level classes. By this pioneering effort, the girls of Lahore for the first time got the option of taking the A Level examinations. LACAS offers classes from Preschool to A Level and provides a complete educational experience. Great emphasis is placed on ensuring a stimulating and happy environment that encourages and challenges students to fulfill their academic potential.

All stakeholders of the school including the students, faculty, staff and parents contribute toward a strong school community.

LACAS has very proudly launched an alternate stream of schools- LACAS Milestone in 2018. Not only does it offer matriculation as well as O Level, it also focuses on skill-based learning for students to make them more suitable for the outside world.

Our Mission

“To ensure that each child reaches his or her potential, to foster self-confidence and integrity, to accept individuality and celebrate diversity, to promote independent thinking and encourage lifelong learning.”