O Level Programme

Upon successful completion of Grade VIII, students are promoted to the O Level Programme. Our staff and faculty ensure a smooth transition into the senior classes. We monitor and counsel students to make certain they feel adequately supported for the entire duration of the course. A good start is fundamental to student learning and academic achievement and impacts scholastic performance and university placements.

At this crucial stage, parents and students are given all the necessary guidance to help them make an informed decision about the subject options and possible career choices. Guidance Counsellor support is not limited to these early stages and is available on campus throughout the programme.

LACAS boasts some of the best and most dedicated faculty in the city. All O Level faculty are hand-picked by the Department of Academics on the basis of qualifications, ability and experience.

Students take the external Cambridge Examinations for Pakistan Studies and Islamiyat at the end of Grade X.  The remaining external examinations are taken in Grade XI.

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