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EyeRIS Maths Laboratories

Our students in Grades I to VIII benefit from learning math in specifically designed math-labs. These environments are made conducive for math learning as they’re equipped with the latest EyeRIS technology and manipulative tools for the teaching of Math. These laboratories are designed to bring math to life, and add a new dimension to learning and understanding mathematics through collaborative learning experiences that support problem-solving and flexible thinking.

Global Citizenship

LACAS offers a pioneering programme designed to prepare our students for an increasingly globalizing world. This programme is centered on three themes: Health and Wellness, Environmental Action, and Character Development. Starting in first grade, students are introduced to these themes and continue to build on these foundations throughout their academic journey at LACAS till their final year of O levels. This vanguard programme is developed in partnership with renowned national and international organizations such as Pink Ribbon Pakistan, Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), and World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Readers’ Theater

LACAS designed and implemented the Reader’s Theater (RT) programme in 2019 as an engaging, activity-based addition to the existing English language programme for Grades III to VIII. The programme comprises numerous activities to strengthen confidence, encourage teamwork and enhance expressiveness, language fluency, and vocabulary knowledge while adding richness and fun to the learning experience. Furthermore, this programme enables students to connect more deeply with their novels and thus improve their literary comprehension skills.

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