Procedure for Online Admission Playgroup - Grade 3

LACAS and Milestone, both, offer admissions through its schools and also online.
For the academic year 2021-22, parents and students can choose to apply online or schedule a visit to our schools by contacting our Education Relationship Officers on one of the following numbers:

Our Online Admission Process (an easy, step-by-step guide):

  1. Fill the admission form below (at the end of this page) with accurate and complete information.
  2. Submit the form online.
  3. Our school ERO will receive your form digitally.
  4. The ERO will contact you to confirm the registration of your child, and will also provide you with further details regarding your child's admission and date for holding the admission test/assessment.
  5. Guidelines regarding tests are mentioned below in the Key Requirement Section .
  6. Successful candidates, along with their parents, will then appear for an online interview.
  7. Admission will only be confirmed after the online interview.
  8. After a candidate has been offered admission at LACAS, their parents will be given the following documents: 
          o Acceptance Letter
          o Security Challan
          o Notice for the collection of ‘Student Package’.
  9. Security Challan is payable by a certain due date in a specific bank as mentioned on the challan. The following fees are payable:  
          o Admission Fee -100% Waiver for a limited time.
          o Security Fee (Refundable)
          o Tuition Fee (Payable every two months)
  10. Tuition Fee payable every two months from the start of the academic year 2021-22.


  • Applicants are required to have a basic understanding of the English Language.
  • Playgroup applicants are assessed not tested. Informal assessment based on vocabulary motor skills and IQ Level.
  • Oral / Visual responses / Awareness
  • Must be toilet trained.


  • Applicants are required to have a basic understanding of the English Language.
  • Assessment based on reading level. Vocabulary, concepts of numbers and colours, confidence and IQ Level.

Reception & Grade I 

  • Applicants are required to have a basic understanding of the English Language.
  • Assessment based on concepts of numbers, alphabets both in English and Urdu.
  • Oral assessments are taken.

Grade II-III 

  • Applicants are required to have a basic understanding of the English Language.
  • Written test in English, Maths and Urdu.


  • Copy of the child’s birth certificate (NADRA)
  • CNIC copies of both parents
  • Academic reports (for the last two years of schooling)
  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Ten recent passport size photographs of the child


Playgroup 2.7 – 3.6
Pre-Reception 3.7 – 4.6
Reception 4.7 – 5.6
Grade I 5.7 – 6.6
Grade II 6.7 – 7.6
Grade III 7.7 – 8.6

(In above table 2.7 means 2 Years 7 Months and so on)

For queries related to admissions, please send an email to

You may also contact the following numbers for any admission related queries:
For LACAS: +92 304 8070 205
For LACAS Milestone: +92 335 1116 592

Student Application Form

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Academic Reports of last two years of schooling.

Note: Not mandatory for students applying in Playgroup, Pre-reception or Reception.
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Others (Any awards, prizes or certificates):

Choose File
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Person to be contacted in case both parents are unavailable *

Is your child toilet trained (Relevant for Playgroup students).

How did you hear about LACAS? *

I do hereby undertake that I have read and understood all the policies, rules and regulations of LACAS School Network available on its website ( and the application form and I shall strictly abide by them.

I further confirm and undertake:

➢ To pay the fee of my child regularly by or before the due date.
➢ To always respectfully interact with LACAS faculty, teachers, staff, custodians, management, administration, principals or directors.
➢ Not to do anything that shall bring the name of LACAS into disrepute.
➢ That if my child is appearing in final exams and wants to leave the school after the exams, I shall pay all outstanding fees including the fee for the month of June.
➢ That if my child leaves LACAS, I shall give at least one month’s advance notice in writing or shall deposit with the school one month’s fee in lieu of notice in order to receive my security refund and school leaving certificate.

I understand that in case of any violation of this undertaking, LACAS shall have the right to expel my child from school with immediate effect.

Parent/Guardian Signature

➢ Fee at LACAS is charged on a bi-monthly basis.
➢ Fee bills are issued around the 20th-25th of the billing month and are sent to parents through the students. It is the responsibility of the parents to inquire if they have not received the fee bills.
➢ During the time when physical schooling is not being conducted, fee bills will be sent to parents through courier. Parents can also check their fee bills online at
➢ Late fee fines will be charged if dues are not cleared by the stipulated date. Not receiving the fee bills will not be considered as a reason for delayed payment.
➢ Students who have not cleared their fee bills will not be allowed to attend school and/or sit for examinations and the school reserves the right to hold their progress reports, transcripts, examination entries and other certificates.
➢ If a student leaves LACAS, at least one month’s advance notice should be given in writing or one month’s fee should be deposited with the school.
➢ If a student leaves LACAS without one month’s advance written notice or one month’s fee deposited with the school, no school leaving certificate and/or school transcripts will be released. All outstanding dues will be adjusted against the security deposit of the student.
➢ For O Level students, security refund will be processed two months after the announcement of the O level results. Security refund must be claimed before the expiry of six months from the date of the result (October-February).
➢ Students who are expelled from LACAS will not be entitled to a security refund which shall stand forfeited upon expulsion.
➢ School fee is subject to an annual increase.
➢ Registration, admission and school fee are non refundable.
➢ The management reserves the right to revise the fee structure and school rules and regulation as and when required.

Note: Fields with "*" are compulsory and must be filled in