Admissions to Universities

The Guidance and Career Counselling departments provide information and assistance to all LACAS students from subject selection in O Level and A Level to university applications and placements. The counselling offices conduct both individual and group sessions with students to facilitate them with their university choices, inform them about available scholarships/financial aid and assist them with university applications for both foreign and local universities.

Annual college fairs are held every year at the A Level campuses where universities from all over the world participate. University representatives visit the campuses, guide the students and provide them with insights into their respective colleges. The counselling departments also conduct seminars where local and international colleges visit and give detailed talks on their admission processes and requirements.

The respective Guidance Counselling Departments at LACAS A Level Burki and A Level Johar Town have secured millions of dollars’ worth of financial assistance for our students every year. Admission into Princeton, Harvard, Williams College, Georgetown, the London School of Economics and Political Science and Imperial College London among many other excellent institutions is a testament to the quality and dedication of these departments.