Voices of LACAS

In 2021, in spite of the challenges of the pandemic, LACAS was declared the “Best Place to Work” based on employee feedback. Here are a few voices from our teachers and staff who make LACAS proud every day.


“My daily conversations with my students have helped me learn the art of simplicity; my mentors have given me the power to believe in myself; the building in itself has taught me to stand tall and proud. Lacas is not just an institution but a celebration of life, values, hope, and integrity; its students are confident and empathetic and its faculty trusted counselors.”

Natasha Cornelius

“I have always tried to help my students become self-reliant but I feel the respect, and affection I have gained as a teacher has nourished my own soul”

Zubia Rubab
O level Biology Teacher
Burki Campus, Girls Branch

“LACAS has always been like a home to me, where I've spent the most brilliant years of my life. Never has there been a day, when I didn't feel proud of being a part of this huge institution, as it motivates me each day to become a better and more efficient version of myself.”

Shireen Batool
JT Junior Boys

“LACAS is not an institute, but a legacy that we pass on to our future generation with pride.”

Kausar Rasheed
LACAS Gujranwala

“I am proud to be a part of a system where our top priority is the all-around character development of an individual along with academic achievement!”

Amna Naeem
Activity Coordinator
LACAS Gujranwala

“I feel LACAS pushes me to my fullest potential. I have a lot more confidence in myself since I started working here.”

Mahwish Maaz

“It is a place of learning and yet it is also a sense of belonging carefully built through a chain of connections”

Ms. Shahida Siddiqi

“Being at LACAS is more than a job. It’s a purpose!
I feel privileged to make a small contribution to the ethos that this institution has. ”

Zainab Naqvi
JT Girls

“Since I have joined LACAS... seven years ago, every day has been opening great new doors... enabling me to learn by leaps and bounds... This prestigious organization ensures growth. To sum it all up 'Shabash LACAS'!”

Rabeea Sohail
English Teacher
JT Girls

“ LACAS Sports Department provides a high-quality physical education curriculum that inspires all our pupils to succeed and excel in a competitive sport after their heart, and other physically demanding activities.

During the stressful phase of the COVID pandemic, it was even more essential for our children to remain optimistic, physically fit, and mentally healthy to cope well with that challenging time. The Sports Department launched a Fitness Education Programme whose salient attributes focus on developing children's motor skills; enhance their agility and mental alertness. LACAS is the first school that also started Online Parents Fitness Sessions, where parents got an opportunity to interact with our friendly, professional, and experienced Fitness Trainers.

The sports department has focused on new initiatives like collaborations with Asian Hockey Federation and the football coaching professionals from Train With Kaka – Pakistan’s top football club. ”

Asmaa Usman
Central Sports Coordinator

“Spending that little bit of extra time to get my students through something they’re struggling with and seeing how excited they are when they start to make connections makes it all worth it.”

Sarah Ali
English Language Preschool
Burki Campus

“Rare it is to find an educational institution that blends activities so organically into the curricular stream.”

Tazeen Parvaiz
English Language Preschool

“Success, joy and a sense of accomplishment are all the main features of a positive school culture.”

Gulnaz Iqbal

“LACAS for me is like my second home as it always produces a vibe of positivity around me.”

Samar Hassan

“Here, the students are provided with every sort of support required to enable each student to unleash their hidden talent and learn”

Samar Hassan
Marryum Rizwan
Gulberg Girls Campus

SNT Sakina Nazli Tribute (SNT) is a non-profit entity run by a Board of Directors which was set up in memory of Sakina Muzaffar and Nazli Qureshi in 2013. The aim of this trust is to provide support in the two most important sectors of Pakistan Education and Health.

SNT took over Jinnah High School Lahore in February 2013 as the purpose of this trust is to serve deserving children. Jinnah High School has been providing quality education to 283 children in the school from Nursery to Grade X.

At SNT, great emphasis is placed on ensuring a stimulating and happy environment that encourages and challenges students to fulfil their academic potential. Our students make us proud with their achievements at all levels but especially in the Matriculation Results.

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